Tasty Tuesday: West Philadelphia Rebirth Tour

West Philly owner Beau Long stopped by I Scream for Waffles for a food truck collaboration! Photo by Ellen Meny.

The West Philadelphia food truck served up Philly cheese steaks from an East Coast native- Charles "Beau" Long. But at the end of June, an electrical fire broke out in the food truck, effectively destroying it.

"The day it happened, I was kind of wrecked. I didn't know what to think, I was beside myself," Beau said.

But that wasn't the end of the West Philadelphia story. The news spread throughout the Eugene food truck community.

"I don't know one food cart owner that isn't fearful of a fire," Cori Haines, owner of I Scream for Waffles, said. "The fact that it happened to one of our fellow food cart owners in the community was...I can't imagine how devastating it was to him. But it was devastating to all of us, too."

When Cori heard about what happened, she wanted to help in the best way she knew how- through food. Specifically, waffles.

"We're donating all the proceeds from that dish to Beau, and hopefully bring some really great Philly cheese steaks back to Eugene," Cori explained.

In early August, Cori and Beau teamed up at I Scream for Waffles to serve a their collaborative dish- chicken fried steak and waffles. It was a way for Beau to get back in the kitchen, but also raise money for West Philadelphia's return.

This isn't the only place that's helping Beau. He's finishing up what he calls the "Rebirth Tour".

"We work with some carts, do some collaborations, and kind of keep the West Philly vision alive," Beau said.

Beau says the community reaction has been amazing.

"My Facebook, my Instagram, my telephone, my email...my boxes were filling up with positive messages from people, and it kind of turned my mood around from really negative to really, 'oh my god, this is really a thing, and all these people definitely want to help'," Beau said.

Beau and West Philly have a long journey ahead of them, but with the help from Eugene's food community? They certainly won't go hungry.

West Philadelphia Rebirth Tour

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