Tasty Tuesday: WestPhiladelphia

West Philadelphia brings East Coast flavor to the West Coast with their Philly Cheesesteaks! Photo by Ellen Meny.

When I moved to Eugene from the East Coast, I really thought I would have to give up my favorite East Coast delicacies. But lo and behold, I was wrong.

Enter WestPhiladelphia.

Charles Long, who goes by Beau, is an East Coast kid, just like me. He's liven in every mid-Atlantic state on the list, but one thing has stayed consistent.

"I remember being a kid, eating cheesesteaks, like, I don't remember the first time, but I remember being young and eating it on Friday nights," Beau said. "That's what I did."

The Philly cheesesteak is a tricky beast. There's one million ways you can make it, but everyone has their favorite type.

"A lot of people say Whiz, a lot of people say American, a lot of people say provolone, so I try to simulate all of it," Beau said.

That means using a dense hogie roll, piled with grilled onions, peppers and chopped beef- all mixed together with American and provolone cheese.

WestPhiladelphia was born after Beau realized Eugene was lacking something.

"I guess this while region is kind of aching for a little bit more East Coast influence food," Beau said.

With a dedication to its cheesy art, and a unicorn for a mascot (long story), WestPhiladelphia receives the East Coaster seal of approval.


8th Avenue and Olive Street in Eugene

(302) 270-1651

KVAL's Tasty Tuesday brings you what to eat and where to eat it around Lane County and beyond. Tasty Tuesday is hosted by KVAL reporter Ellen Meny. Want to suggest Ellen a restaurant? Contact her at or find Tasty Tuesday on Facebook and Twitter.

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