Tasty Tuesday: Tam's Place Vietnamese Cuisine

    Tam's Place Vietnamese Cuisine. Photo by Ellen Meny.

    This is Tam's Place Vietnamese Cuisine. It's her little slice of Vietnam in Eugene.

    "I moved here from straight from Vietnam, and then for the first few years, I was really homesick. I missed all of the food in Vietnam," Tam said. "I just love cooking and then I do something for everybody here to enjoy the authentic Vietnamese food."

    Tam's Place serves Vietnamese food from the area around Ho Chi Minh City- that's where she lived. The menu features dishes like vermicelli noodles, decorated with fresh vegetables and crispy meat.

    Another popular dish is the broken rice plate. It comes with Vietnamese rice, a pork chop, chicken or tofu, shrimp and a piece of Vietnamese meatloaf. It also comes with pickled carrots, daikon and cucumber.

    Tam is a crispy roll-rolling, pork chop-grilling, Vietnamese-food-making machine! It's a tight fit in the truck, but that doesn't stop her. There's a lot of culinary delights to explore at Tam's food truck- check it out in the parking lot of The Healthy Pet.

    Tam's Place Vietnamese Cuisine

    2777 Friendly St, Eugene

    (541) 214-0562

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