Tasty Tuesday: SlyDog's Gourmet Slyders & Hotdogs

SlyDog's Gourmet Slyders & HotDogs. Photo by Ellen Meny.

EUGENE, Ore.- Hot dogs don't normally feature brie cheese or pancetta, but SlyDog's is no normal hot dog stand. They're whipping up gourmet hot dogs and sliders for the good people of Lane County.

SlyDog's Gourmet Slyders & Hotdogs has a theme to their menu.

"All the names play on being a sly dog. So there's the Hustler; there's the Bandito slider; there's the Fidel, which is a Cuban...which is a little risque, but, you know, it's okay," owner Brad Nelson explained, laughing.

One of those sly dogs is the hipster. It's a humble hot dog, elevated- loaded with brie cheese, pancetta, caramelized chopped apples and a caramel drizzle.

A hot dog with caramel on it? I promise. It works.

"It's a nice little play on a very famous thing which is brie and apples and pancetta," Brad explained.

As for the sliders, there's plenty of options. I tried out the Bless Your Heart slider, a southern chicken sandwich

"And it plays along with the concept. So, a Bless Your Heart may be what your Southern grandma might tell you when you're being kind of dumb," Brad said. "The sly way of saying, 'you're kind of dumb'."

I didn't feel dumb when I saw this slider. Buttermilk fried chicken, tossed in a hot-sweet oil, topped with pickled and sweet onions.

SlyDog's is only a few months old, but they're whipping up new creations weekly.

SlyDog's Gourmet Slyders & Hotdogs

8th & Olive in downtown Eugene

(480) 815-6289

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