Tasty Tuesday: Poke Stop

    Poke Stop. Photo by Ellen Meny.

    EUGENE, Ore.- Poke Stop's location is easy to remember-it's right across the street from the Downtown Eugene Bus Stop.

    Gina Choi and her crew serve up creations based around the Hawaiian raw fish salad, poke.

    "We serve fresh poke bowls, avocado toast poke, and musubi as well," Choi told me.

    It's only been a few months since they opened, but so far? Poke Stop is a hotspot.

    "I'm a little confused, because...I mean, it's great that we're doing so well, but I'm like...how?" Choi said.

    Chalk it up to skyrocketing popularity on social media and one well-oiled poke assembly line. And hey, it's not everywhere you can get Flamin' Hot Cheetos on your poke bowl.

    That's the beauty of Poke Stop. With 20 different toppings, 5 different sauces and a whole host of other options, you can let your imagination run wild.

    "Customers can create their own bowls and they can add Cheetos if they want, and it's fun," Choi said.

    Poke Stop is a feast for the eyes, as much as it's an actual feast. Prepare for photo-ready creations, like their poke pineapple boat- a scooped-out pineapple piled high with pretty much whatever you want.

    "We already have pineapple toppings, so why not just use the bowl," Choi explained.

    The proof is in their popularity. For a potentially addictive new spot, hop over to Poke Stop.

    Poke Stop

    1044 Willamette St

    (541) 686-3504

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