Tasty Tuesday: Moi Poki

Moi Poki serves up a unique Hawaiian delight, poke! Photo by Ellen Meny.

Poke, pronounced po-kay, is in its heyday.

It's a popular Hawaiian dish popping up everywhere, including Eugene. After a trip to Hawaii, Moi Poki owners Francine Austin and Aaron Porter said okay to poke, and opened up their food truck.

"And we saw the most poke we're ever seen in our entire lives," Aaron said. "She's grown up eating poke in the Philippines, and it's just like poke, poke, poke- she's loved it all the time."

The pair already owns Sporks A La Carte, another popular food truck in Eugene. But Moi Poki is no sophomore slump- a few months in, and people are already flocking.

"Local Hawaiian folks and they're pretty adamant about trying us out, just maybe for authenticity, because it's in Eugene," Francine said. "And then as soon as they do have the food, they come back and they're like, 'oh my god, that was like being in Hawaii'"

Poke is a raw fish salad. It's served over warmed rice and topped with a rainbow of options. Aaron calls their ordering process a "choose your own food adventure". You can basically order any size or combination of poke you want.

And if you want your poke a little more portable, they've got you covered. Enter Pokerritos- that's right. Poke Burritos. Wrapped in rice and seaweed, and filled with poke ingredients.

"So a pokerrito is like a big giant sushi roll," Francine said. "It's messy, but it's so good."

Poke, in my opinion, is the ultimate summer meal. It's fresh, light and healthy.

CORRECTION: In the video, I mention the raw fish is marinated in vinegar. Moi Poki does not use vinegar in their marinade.

Moi Poki

777 W 6th Avenue (Inside the Beergarden Patio)

(541) 515-8613

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