Tasty Tuesday: Lion and Owl Brunch

Lion and Owl Brunch serves up local food out of an Airstream bus! Photo by Ellen Meny.

Have you ever wanted to eat brunch inside of an Airstream bus? You know- those giant, metallic buses that look like rocket ships?

Luckily for you- Lion and Owl allows you to do just that.

But Lion and Owl isn't just unique because it's housed in an Airstream bus. The bus, and their outdoor seating, is set up in the parking lot of The Eugene Backyard Farmer. It's decorated with welcoming, bright white tables, a shade cover, and a blossoming front garden.

"It's a super cozy environment, and it's just a novelty to sit inside of a food truck," Co-Owner Kirsten Hansen said.

"The first reaction from people who come in is...'oh my gosh'!" Co-Owner Crystal Platt added.

Hansen and Platt are incredibly dedicated to using local food at Lion and Owl. Their menu changes throughout the seasons, relying on produce from local farms and markets. Many ingredients they pluck from the front planters I mentioned before- most of the flowers and herbs growing in them are edible.

What originally drew me to Lion and Owl was the creativity and beauty behind each dish- like their Baby Beets and Baby Potato Salad.

It's a spicy greens salad that starts with a sauce gribiche, which is an egg-based cream sauce. The salad features cucumbers two ways, smoked trout, and colorful, edible flowers placed delicately on top. It's beautiful, with a fresh mix of colors and flavors.

"Brunch is a great sort of luxurious meal and it's an opportunity for lots of creativity as well," Hansen said.

Lion and Owl lets Hansen and Platt's creativity shine- from the Airstream bus, to the plate.

Lion and Owl

The Eugene Backyard Farmer (501 Washington Street)


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