Tasty Tuesday: La Granada Latin Kitchen

    La Granada (Photo by Ellen Meny)

    SPRINGFIELD, Ore.- La Granada, a little restaurant tucked inside The Abbey in downtown Springfield, is Baldo Hernandez's pride and joy. His restaurant showcases Latin American food from several different countries- Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and more.

    And I've learned that not only Mexico, where I was born, they have delicious dishes, but also in south america," Baldo said, translated by his wife and business partner, Evy Hernandez.

    Baldo's first language is Spanish, and Evy is a professional translator- so our interview worked out perfectly.

    The story of La Granada is one of unexpected paths and blessings in disguise. A few years ago, Baldo injured his foot- so he was forced to stay at home for some time.

    He used his free time to learn how to cook.

    "That's how I started playing with ingredients and food and looking up different dishes," Baldo said.

    Before his home-cooking crash-course, he only knew how to fry eggs. Now, he's expanded his frying capabilities to all sorts of dishes- like tacu tacu.

    Tacu tacu is a Peruvian dish- rice and Peruvian beans mixed together, tossed with New York steak, red onions and tomatoes. You can call it South American comfort food.

    La Granada Latin Kitchen

    (541) 736-6114

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