Tasty Tuesday: Davey's Chocolates

    Davey's Chocolates. Photo by Ellen Meny.

    EUGENE, Ore.- Chocolate is Davey Wendt's blank slate. Inspiration for his art comes in many forms- from alcohol to lemon zest.

    "Inspirations come from different things, so like someone can say, have you ever made a Nestle's Crunch Bar?" Wendt said. "And then I'll be like, well, okay, how would I? So that's one way."

    Candies like caramel apple bars, beer truffles, chocolates inspired by ice cream flavors- it's all there.

    "I also like to take other classic desserts and then make a chocolate version, like the pumpkin pie," Wendt said.

    Nothing is too crazy for Davey. It's how he whips up creations like Bloody Mary chocolates.

    "I was working at Rye restaurant, and the chef bought tomato balsamic vinegar. And just tasting that vinegar...it just unfolded. I can make a Bloody Mary chocolate!" Wendt said.

    Wendt's chocolates also feature salt prominently. It's not that the chocolates are salty- in fact, it enhances the flavor of the treat.

    "I do think salt makes everything taste more like itself," Wendt said. "My complaint with most candy bars now is, it's one dimensional. It's like, I want something more on the palate."

    Each chocolate is a little work of art, a way to bring a little bit of delicious joy to someone's day.

    "I always think like a chocolate...it's not going to change the world, but the chocolate might give one person one moment of pause to have an epiphany."

    Davey's Chocolates

    Davey's Chocolates can be found at Rye, The Zingaro, Board and Equiano Coffee. Davey also caters events.

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