Tasty Tuesday: Buck Buck

Buck Buck! Photo by Ellen Meny.

Buck Buck was inspired by Mikey Lawrence and Edgar Arellano's two great loves. Fried chicken and beer.

Mikey and Edgar would make it a weekly tradition when they worked at a local restaurant together.

"We would usually just sit around, drinking beer and eating fried chicken on our day off," Mikey explained. "And so when the restaurant got sold, we saved all of our money and took some loans out to make fried chicken and drink beer, because we figured other people would want to do it."

They were right. Thanks to fans both online and in real life, Buck Buck is on a roll.

"It's fun. Drinking beer and eating fried chicken makes SENSE," Mikey said.

Buck Buck serves up all kinds of fried chicken delights. It starts with a brine from pickles, green tea and, of course, beer. The chicken is dredged up in flour and buttermilk, and then Mikey literally throws it into the fryer, ninja-star style.

He says that's what makes their chicken so good. He's right. It comes out crispy and juicy with just a hint of spice.

The chicken is used for everything from chicken and waffles to their standard chicken biscuit. The biscuit is anything but standard, though- towering with fried chicken, their homemade buttermilk sauce and pickled onions.

Don't try to be neat when you eat this. It won't work.

"We serve everything with a giant stack of napkins," Mikey said.

Buck Buck serves up lots of different fried chicken treats- watch the full Tasty Tuesday video to see more!

Buck Buck

Oakshire Brewing (207 Madison Street)

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