Yamhill County: McMinnville officer shoots, kills aggressive black lab

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MCMINNVILLE, Ore. – A McMinnville police officer shot and killed an aggressive dog Wednesday morning, according to Yamhill County officials.

Two McMinville Police officers responded to the area of Northeast Lafayette Avenue after several people reported two black labs on the loose, causing traffic hazards and acting aggressively.

One caller told dispatch he saw them on Northeast 19th Street and tried to contain the dogs.

However, the dogs were aggressive toward him and the man returned to his vehicle, afraid.

While inside his vehicle, the man said one of the dogs put his front paws on the side of the vehicle and continued to show aggressive behavior.

When the officers arrived in the area, they found the caller and located the dogs.

The officers tried to contain the two dogs and attempted to lure them with treats. But, the dogs ran away.

While searching for them, the officers found a postal worker making deliveries in the area.

The postal worker told police she was so afraid of the dogs when she saw them, that she was carrying her defensive dog spray in her hand.

The officers eventually located the dogs again and tried to catch them without any luck.

They followed the dogs to a house in the 700 block of Northeast 19th Street.

An officer got out of his vehicle at the residence and the two dogs charged him, Yamhill County officials said.

Officials said the officer had little time to react and was forced to fire his sidearm to the closest aggressive dog.

The officer struck and killed the dog and the other dog retreated.

A resident at the nearby house soon appeared at the front door.

The dog that was still alive retreated inside the home.

Officers learned the dogs did belong at the nearby residence and the owners were not aware that the dogs were missing. They told officers they didn’t know how the dogs escaped the house or yard.

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