Washington woman's dog poisoned by cannabis-infused edible in midst of 15-mile hike

Courtesy Andy Healy

A Vancouver trauma nurse's dog was poisoned by a cannabis-infused edible in the middle of a 15-mile hike two weeks ago.

Andy Healy was out on the Siouxon Creek Trail in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest with two friends and her two border collies, Fen and Jill.

About 13 miles into the hike, Healy noticed Fen stumbling and weaving, eventually losing the ability to move her front or back legs. Her eyes glazed over, and Healy suspected cannabis poisoning.

The group hiked back about 2.5 miles to their cars, and then rushed Fen -- who was at that point unresponsive -- over to a veterinarian.

Healy suspects someone dropped the edible accidentally.

The story was first reported by KATU's news partners at the Columbian.

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