Rescuers are searching for owners of the dog they found shot in the head

Rescuers are searching for owners of the dog they found shot in the head.

PENDLETON, Ore. (KEPR) - Shot twice and left for dead on a mountainside - a pitbull’s luck changed when some good Samaritans took him in.

The dog's microchip shows he was last registered to a shelter in Bakersfield, Calif. three years ago.

“He was looking at us like, are you guys going to take me or not?” said Charlie Roe, one of the people who found him. “Like, you guys are not leaving me here, I’m going with you.”

Three friends were driving along the mountain roads near Cabbage Hill in Oregon when they saw him. They saw his bloodied face and thought a coyote had gotten to him.

“He was extremely thin,” said Angela Zilar, who’s since taken the dog in. “Emaciated badly”

But X-rays showed someone actually shot this black-and-white pitbull in the head twice.

“So it went down from his forehead,” Zilar said, talking about the bullet they found. “Down through his eye which severed the nerves in his eye, hit the teeth, shattered two teeth up top, broke a tooth down below.”

They're calling the pup Rez, and he's recovering. But those who've taken him in said they want answers.

“This dog has got to have an owner out there,” Zilar said. “The more and more I think about it, the more my gut tells me. He's got somebody that cares.”

Zilar said she thinks someone stole Rez from his owners, or maybe he got away from a trucker at the nearby weigh station.

“This dog will sit on command,” Zilar said. “He'll lay on command, he'll shake on command, and he'll stay on command. And through all of this, as much pain as that dog has been in, he will only give you kisses and love.”

Zilar is asking for help - help to find Rez a forever home - and find whoever did this to him.

“We really need to try to find and do everything in our power to find an owner if there is one there,” she said.

For a dog that's traveled far, he's lucky he now has a few humans who'll go to great lengths for him.

Zilar is asking folks to please reach out to her at the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter if you have any information on where the dog comes from. She said if they can't find the owner, Rez will be put up for adoption.

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