Puppy rescued from island in McKenzie River now available for adoption

Blondie (courtesy Greenhill Humane Society)

EUGENE, Ore. - A puppy rescued from an island earlier this month will be available for adoption Friday, Greenhill Humane Society says.

"Blondie" spent more than a week marooned on an island in the McKenzie River before his rescue.

The go has been neutered and is up to date on vaccinations. Greenhill is closed Thursday but reopens Friday at 11 a.m.

“We think Blondie experienced inconsistent socialization with people and animals in his first few months of life, and lack of training, which has led to some nervous and occasionally erratic behavior,” said Katie Barnett, Greenhill’s Canine Program Manager. “This is not uncommon for an animal who has experienced instability. With patience and positive reinforcement training, we think he’ll likely live a happy, normal life. We’re looking for a special adopter who will commit to providing a safe and healthy space for Blondie to learn and grow.”

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