Firefighter rescues Golden Retriever stuck in icy culvert

PGFD firefighter rescues Golden Retriever stuck in icy culvert. (WJLA)

The dog was shaking, tired, and covered in ice.

“Honestly, I would love to see him get back to his owner,” said Firefighter Jesse McCullough.

The Prince George’s County Fire Fighter and his team at Company 30 were called out to rescue the dog, who was stuck in a culvert.

“It was just icy concrete, so you just are not going to be able to climb out easily,” said McCullough.

The Prince George’s County firefighter picked up the frozen pooch and carried him to safety.

“I basically had him resting on my knee and then coming up the beams of the ladder, just taking a rung stepping up. You know, your legs can lift a lot more than your arms ever can,” said McCullough.

Company 30 put the dog in the back of the fire truck and cranked up the head. When they got back to the fire station, the firefighters laid out a bed, food and water.

The Golden Retriever did not have a collar or a working microchip, so McCullough is hoping the dog’s owner is reading this story. If not, McCullough is not ruling out adopting the dog, which Company 30 appropriately named “River.”

“It’s an option. I have to talk to my wife and three-year old,” laughed McCullough.

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