Horses rescued in Washington Co., volunteers need help with recovery

Melody and Koby - Image from Sound Equine Options - 1.jpg

TROUTDALE, Ore. – Volunteers at a local horse rescue are helping a pair of mares recover after they were taken from a property in Washington County.

Sound Equine Options said they took a call Monday morning from Washington County Animal Control about some horses in need of care. A county spokesperson said the previous owner was sick, and their family members "recognized they weren’t able to provide what the horses needed for care."

The Sound Equine Options team took in two of the horses - a mother and daughter named Melody and Koby. A third horse died at the property, the rescue said.

The surviving horses received evaluations at an equine hospital, where staff learned the extent of their health problems, which ranged from hoof and teeth problems to parasites.

Now on their long road to recovery, Melody and Koby are being cared for by Sound Equine Options.

“We suspect both of these girls were trained to ride in the past, so hopefully they will only need a refresher course when they're healthy enough to go into training,” SEO said in a Facebook post.

The group is asking for donations to help cover the costs of recovery, and they will eventually hope to find new homes for the rehabilitated horses.

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