Dog owner has warning for others after puppy eats pot in Seattle park

A Seattle dog owner is warning others after her one-year-old French Bulldog Jacques ate pot at the Woodland off-leash area near Green Lake Monday and nearly died. (Photo: KOMO News)

SEATTLE - A Seattle dog owner is warning others after her puppy ate pot in a public park and nearly died.

Hannah Puzas brought her two French Bulldogs to the Woodland off-leash area near Green Lake Monday.

A couple hours later, one-year-old Jacques started showing odd behavior.

The puppy was lethargic and shaky, acting as though he were drunk. Eventually he started leaking urine.

Puzas rushed him to Emerald City Emergency Clinic, where the veterinarian told her Jacques most likely ate marijuana left in the park.

“It’s just frustrating,” Puzas said. “Because this is something that could have been totally prevented.”

The veterinarian treated Jacques with fluids and activated charcoal, and he made a rapid recovery.

But ingesting marijuana can be fatal for dogs.

“It can be really serious, it is all dose dependent, and it also has a lot to do with the size of the pet,” Dr. Clare Foley said. “It can actually slow the heart rate and the respiratory rate so much that the pet could pass away.”

Dr. Foley estimates their clinic sees several of these cases every month. And it’s not just marijuana. She’s seen dogs ingest methamphetamine, tranquilizers and more.

Symptoms can include lethargy, sleepy and shaky behavior, vomiting, dribbling of urine and hypersensitivity to stimuli.

Dr. Foley recommends dog owners teach their dog commands like “drop it” or “leave it” in case they grab something dangerous, and avoid parks where you can’t keep your eye on your dog at all times.

Hannah had pet insurance, which should cover a good portion of the vet bills. She says she’ll likely take a break from off-leash parks for a while.

“Clean up after yourselves,” she said. “Marijuana is legal, but it’s not legal to throw your trash anywhere. Nor is it considerate.”

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