$5,000 reward to find who shot Des Moines 'hero dog'

Rex was released from an animal hospital on Sunday. (KOMO file photo)

DES MOINES, Wash. -- A $5,000 reward is being offered to find the burglars who shot a family dog who was fighting them.

Rex, a German shepherd, was released from an animal hospital on Sunday.

Sixteen-year-old Javier Mercado says Rex jumped into action on Wednesday when three men broke into his Des Moines home.

“As soon as he heard the window shatter, he ran downstairs full charge,” Mercado said last week. “And then I just heard a bunch of barking and struggling, and then one of the guys screaming, The dog! The dog bit me! Get the dog!’”

After a long tussle, Mercado says he heard four gunshots, and the dog cried out. Seconds later, he says, police arrived, and the burglars fled.

“I think if it wasn’t for him, I probably wouldn’t be standing here today,” Mercado said about Rex.

On Tuesday, PETA said it is offering the $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for shooting the dog.

The Des Moines Police Department's telephone number is 206-878-3301.

The community has raised more than $60,000 towards Rex’s veterinary bills. For more information, click here.

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