Optimus-Prime makes a pit stop at Riverbend hopital before EUCON

Optimus Prime Truck

SPRINGFIELD, Ore.- Super heroes, villains and famous characters all stopped by at Riverbend Hospital to light up some faces Friday.

Among the group of action heroes were Optimus Prime, from Transformers, Daniel Logan, from Star Wars, and Chris 51, from Epic Ink on A&E. All of them stopped by to see the kids in the hospital and sign autographs, give toys and take pictures.

Chris 51 was born and raised in Eugene and he says a big part of "EUCON" is to give back.

“Hope that they get well, and that they could one day come out and see people like Boba Fett and dress up in costumes and have fun away from the hospital environment, so it means a lot to us to come here,” says Chris 51.

Ericka Carter is a nurse at Riverbend, and she says this is something that the patients need.

“What better way to do that then to bring these things here to them to bring that light for them and to see their faces. It makes our jobs worth while,” says Carter.

EUCON, also known as Eugene Comic Con, is only celebrating it's third year in town.

For more information you can visit their website at:

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