On the Bright Side: Dog spared death becomes Ohio's first pit bull K9 officer

Leonard came to the Union County Humane Society shelter in late 2016, and the director noticed he had a personality that could make him a great police dog (WSYX/WTTE)

CLAY TOWNSHIP, Ohio — Leonard the dog faced death in an Ohio animal shelter.

But Humane Society Director Jim Alloway saw a different kind of future for Leonard.

Alloway has a background working with police dogs, and thought Leonard had a great potential for law enforcement.

"I walked out with a squegee. He ran up and bit it and then he went running through the yard. I knew it was a special characteristic. He wasn't being aggressive. He wanted to play," said Alloway.

He contacted Storm Dog K9 Training, and while staff was unsure of what to expect because they'd never trained a pit bull, they started working with him. Leonard had no training and knew no commands, but they quickly discovered he loved to play! So, they were able to train him to sniff out the odors of drugs, and then get rewarded with a toy.

"He has quite the work ethic, " Krishea Osborne, Storm Dog's Director of Training for Law Enforcement, said. " He's got so much play and drive and hunt that he's a great police dog. He's constantly wanting to work." | MORE ON THIS STORY

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