'He wants other kids to have the opportunities that he does'

Shamus was born with cerebral palsy, making it difficult for him to move freely. (From CBS video)

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Some early risers came out in force for the Sunrise 5K in Moorhead, Minnesota.

Among the runners were some very unique athletes.

Shamus was born with cerebral palsy, making it difficult for him to move freely.

When his parents first heard the news, they were worried about what this meant for their son going forward.

"We were concerned that he wasn't going to be able to do everything," his father Shaun Evans said, "but whatever way we could make it happen so that he could participate as fully as he could, we were going to do that."

And shamus did more than even they could imagine.

"He skis in the winter and he horseback rides and he plays adaptive sports and obviously running, and we do triathlons together," Evans said. "So Shamus continues to dream big and we work to make those dreams a reality."

Last year, Shaun and Shamus ran from coast to coast participating in 5Ks all along the way.

This year they have a new goal.

Starting here in Moorhead, the pair plans to meet up with the Mississippi River and go all the way south to the Gulf of Mexico.

"Shamus is the man behind the mission," Shaun said. "I'm the legs, but he's the dreamer. He wants to be involved as much as he possibly can, even though his legs don't work like mine do. I have the oppurtunity to lend him my legs."

Along the way, they'll be handing out specially designed chairs so people like Shamus can be as active as they want to be.

"He wants other kids," his father said, "to have the opportunities that he does."

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