Quack Track Pitch: 'I never thought I would get first place at anything in Hayward Field'

    Top 3 winners for the Quack Track Pitch on October 27th, 2017. at Hayward Field in Eugene, Ore. <p>{/p}

    EUGENE, Ore.- University of Oregon students had the opportunity to compete at Hayward Field and pitch a business idea, in a rare opportunity to run at Hayward Field, a historic site for the City of Eugene.

    Quack Track Pitch, was one of the first events for the University of Oregon’s Innovation Summit, the world's fastest collegiate business competition.

    Second place winner Jesse Jimerson says this is one of the most important races he has ever ran.

    “I haven't ran many important races, so this is up there,” said Jimerson.

    He ran with partner Brad Fernandez, who came up with the business idea.

    “A big problem for students right now is they know about recycling and they want to recycle but its just a hassle to go and do it and they end up throwing out all their garbage in the apartment complexes,” said Fernandez.

    According to Fernandez, every year 640 pounds are generated by the average college student that can be recycled.

    Student organizer Steven Lozano says this helps upper-classmen at the University network.

    “This is a great opportunity for everybody, not just for students, but for local community leaders to engage and to see what is out there and what we have to offer on campus,” said Lozano.

    Judges evaluated the pitches on the quality of the idea, business model and lastly, total run time.

    Rishika Krishna and Nick Capaldini took first place for the fast running time and for the best business idea, pitching "Chromatech," a device to help firefighters have a higher response time.

    It was an idea which they both came up with in September and strongly believe in.

    “Getting your feet wet, just trying something," said Krishna. "If you have an idea, just going for it is the best thing you can do to help your self."

    Giving these student athletes an opportunity to just run with it.

    “I never thought I would get first place at anything in Hayward field so this is pretty cool,” said Capaldini.

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