Coconut Bliss Bike Cart returned to owners following week-long search

Lost and Found: Coconut Bliss Bike Cart returned home after Eugene-wide search (SBG).

EUGENE, Ore. - A $12,000 tricycle used for delivering ice cream has been returned after being stolen on Monday.

Over 250 Facebook shares wasn't enough to find the Coconut Bliss Bike Cart, but a since phone call turned out to be the golden ticket to getting the bike back, and it came from someone you wouldn't suspect.

"It's completely custom built," said Emily Lesiak, one of the riders of Coconut Bliss. "The Center for Appropriate Transport did a brand new design for us, the freezer itself was worth quite a lot; it's cold-plate technology so it doesn't have to be plugged in."

Lesiak is one of the riders that hands out ice cream, so Monday's burglary came as a shock to her. The company realized that a padlock had been cut, opening up the area where they stored the bike. The $12,000 bike cart was got, and both Lesiak and fellow rider Jay Brown were determined to get it back.

"We were asking postmen and people out gardening in the sun, and people out walking their dogs," said Lesiak. "We just kind of scouted the whole neighborhood."

But nobody knew where the bike was, that is, until they stopped underneath the Ferry Street Bridge on Wednesday.

"We talked to the people down there and a couple of them piped up and said, 'Yes, we've seen your bike a couple of times today," said Brown. "Left our business card, and 20 minutes later when we got back to the office, we got a call."

A homeless man named Steve saw the bike carat and was tracking it down.

"He called and said he'd seen the bike again, and we headed back out in two vehicles to cover more ground," said Brown.

The pursuit led Brown on his own bike to Maurie Jacobs Park, where he found a man riding the Coconut Bliss Bike Cart.

"I just called out to him and said that the bike was stolen, get off of it, and he actually stopped and got off non-aggressively," said Brown.

But Brown says the real reward in all of this should go out to Steve, who ended a tough day by returning a beloved bike cart.

"He declined a reward, but we told him he's going to get some kind of compensation," said Brown. "We want to give him something that he could use, or that he needs."

The freezer was found by Parks and Recreation earlier this week, and it's in the process of getting fixed. Coconut Bliss says the tricycle should be up and running within the next few weeks.

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