Wedding Bells at the Fire Station

News Release from: Albany Fire Dept.

On Saturday, March 20, Albany Fire Department will be making history by holding the first wedding at an Albany Fire Station. Lieutenant Pat Traeger will wed Megan Macpherson in a ceremony at 3:00 p.m. at Albany's Fire Station 11 (110 Sixth Avenue SE).

Lt. Traeger has served with the Albany Fire Department for more than 30 years, starting his career at Station 11 as a volunteer and then being hired as a firefighter in September 1980.

Lt. Traeger met his wife-to-be on February 27, 2009, when she accompanied her second grade Waverly Elementary students to a tour of Station 11. And now, a year later, they will marry in the place they met. Pat's co-workers are excited to share this day with them and welcoming Megan into the Fire Department family.

The bride and groom are covering all costs associated with the wedding.

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