Students brush up on Springfield history with new mural

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Most history lessons are held in a classroom or learned from a book. On Tuesday, a group of talented Springfield students worked on passing along a slice of local history with art.

The Washburne Cafe is one of the more recent success stories for downtown Springfield.
Inspite of their success, the cafe's interior tells another tale.

To help give the Washburne a new look Cafe owner Marilou Harris commissioned the senior art students from the Academy of Arts and Academics (called A-3) to put the history of the her building into a mural.

Now, the students are brushing up on their local history.

"We have military men. We have 1920's women just sitting around drinking coffee," says art student Brie Trotts.

Students did the research and found out the Washburne building was an old cafe, a national guard armory, a hardware store--even a boxing venue.

Now, it's all on the wall.

The instructor for the art class, Trish Robison told KVAL News reporter Tom Adams that her students knew that they were taking on a big project.

"They were all really excited about the whole idea of creating a mural." said Robinson.

The students added brownish hues to their paints to help make the mural have the sepia tones of an old photograph.

Collin Christensen set to work on painting two boxers into the mural.

"I think it's been helping us to work with each others styles, and that's something you don't get in a lot of art situations." Christensen said.

Beyond the brush strokes, Brie Trotts is convinced that the mural has been a lesson of collaboration, and community.

"I mean we may not know each other but we are all part of this. This caf has been around forever, and it's important," said Trotts.

Robison says the A-3 students' mural will be done in time for the Second Friday art walk, December 14th in Springfield.

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