Skinner named Springfield's 2010 Classified Employee of the Year

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Pam Skinner, the Title I office manager for the district, has been named as 2010 Classified Employee of the Year out of a field out 57 nominees. The announcement was made at a reception acknowledging the achievement of all the nominees before the regular School Board meeting on Monday, March 13, 2010.

Pam has been with the district for a total of 18 years, beginning as a substitute educational assistant (EA) in 1991. Pam was an EA in Transportation, a Health Assistant at various schools and an EA at Centennial before beginning at Special Programs in 2002. She's been in her current position since 2006.

Pam is currently responsible for administering the federal Title grants for the district's 11 Title schools. She is responsible for managing staffing, professional development and supply budgets for the Title funds in each building, working with Title principals to solve problems and navigate the restrictions and paperwork associated with federal law.

Pam received seven nominations from a variety of sources. The letters of nomination praised Pam technical and organizational skills as well as her personal character. The word "professionalism" was widely repeated throughout.

One Title principal described Pam as "service oriented": "Pam makes me feel like we're a team when working through projects, tasks and program requirements....She keeps all of us organized, on track and successful in performing our jobs. She does all this with a cheerful smile and positive attitude that makes working with her a pleasure....Another thing that makes her superior at her job is her depth of knowledge about Title I program operations, requirements and guidelines. I've seldom come to her with a question regarding Title I that she couldn't answer. On those occasions when she couldn't provide the information, she's always said, 'Let me get right back to you.' And her follow-through is immediate....Pam exemplifies the kind of competent, professional and gracious classified employee that typifies Springfield Public Schools."

From another Title I principal: "Pam is the one who keeps the tasks manageable and organized, gently prompting us with reminders of deadlines, and due dates. She responds promptly to our many requests and inquiries, and when the answer from the 'Title Czars' is a No, it is delivered in her even-keeled, reassuring, and comforting way that in the end makes it feel alright. And that, I submit, is quite a feat."

From other nominators:

"She is a dedicated, capable, reliable employee who daily shows her quiet efficiency and professionalism.....Her expansive sense of humor, pleasant, friendly outlook makes knowing and working with pam a pleasure...."

"I am extremely impressed with the exceptionally high degree of professional excellence that Pam demonstrates. Her work ethic is inspiring and her friendly manner and sense of humor make working with her a joy."

"She is highly ethical, kind, considerate, caring, reliable, conscientious, and intelligent, to just name a few qualities....Her positive interactions with the public, office co-workers, personnel in other departments, and school staff are legend and to be emulated by others.... Pam must be a jack-of-all trades and a master of all. Pam must also have technical skills in accounting, records management, human resources, grants management, and office management."

With children who have gone through the district, Pam was active in the schools before she started working for the district. She also volunteers in the community and is active in her church.

Congratulations also to the runners up: Maria Oloo, English Language Development secretary at the Brattain House, cited for her enthusiasm, work ethic, excellent relationships and helpful nature; and Tim Stephens, lead warehouse inventory specialist, cited for his professionalism, positive interactions and leadership.

Nominees: Barbara Ledbetter, Admin Complex; Debbie Jarvis, Admin Complex; Kevin Hillman, Admin Complex; Lisa Fjordbeck, Admin Complex; Pam Skinner, Admin Complex; Pat Best, Admin Complex; Sharon Dove, Admin Complex; Tim Stephens, Admin Complex; Sharon Wuethrich, ASMS; Sue Hiebenthal, ASMS; Terri Berry, ASMS; Vicky Wilson, ASMS; Barb Lewellen, BMS; Carron Barnhart, BMS; Karen Galceran, BMS; Karen Long, BMS; Shannon Jackson, BMS; Lyndi Cabales, Brattain Elementary; Maria Oloo, Brattain House; Janel Morgan, Centennial Elementary; Cheryl Warner, Douglas Gardens Elementary; Rose Ann Cross, Gateways; Cindy Close, Goshen Elementary; Sue Edwards, Guy Lee Elementary; Karla Hanan, HMS; Kristirose White, HMS; Lisa Glander, HMS; Rachel Sykes, HMS; Sandra Prentiss, HMS; Diana Springer, Maple Elementary; Donna East, Moffitt Elementary; Stacy Ward, Mohawk Elementary; Ann Funke, Mt. Vernon Elementary; Jamie Matthews, Mt. Vernon Elementary; Lovena Benedick, Mt. Vernon Elementary; Bonnie Root, Page Elementary; Alice Humphrey, Ridgeview Elementary; Bea Leslie, Ridgeview Elementary; Brenda Chandler, Ridgeview Elementary; Cindy Crump, Ridgeview Elementary; Kristin Smith, Ridgeview Elementary; Tracy Hitt, Riverbend Elementary; Diana Jordan, SHS; Elena Espinoza, SHS/SMS; Laurie Sanford, SMS; Maria Gonzalez, SMS; Brenda James, THS; Julie Andrus, THS; Polly Kohl, THS; Sharon Plueard, THS; Sheila Roberts, THS; Sherry Moore, THS; Kris Stallings, THS; Rose Minium, Thurston Elementary; Debi Spencer, Walterville Elementary; Karla Bigelow, Yolanda Elementary; Sandra Buss, Yolanda Elementary.

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