Shakespeare in 90 minutes at the Wildish

Press release

The Springfield Academy of Arts & Academics presents a timely version of William Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar."

The Springfield Academy of Arts and Academics presents William Shakespeare's classic play of political intrigue and Roman justice, JULIUS CAESAR, in tightly scripted 90 minute production at the Richard E. Wildish Community Theatre, 630 Main St, Springfield, October 29, 30, & November 4, 5, & 6. All shows are at 7:30 PM, tickets - $5 seniors / $7 adults - are general admission and available at the door.

Directed by long-time professional director, Kirk Boyd, the A3 version of CAESAR takes place in a modern day, war-torn, island republic. Set designer Skip Hubbard has created an open setting in the Wildish, removing all the drapes and essentially filling the Wildish stage with scaffolding, an automatic lift, moving lights, and a rich sound design. Boyd has pared down Shakespeare's two-plus hour script to a swift-moving 90 minute production using A3's finest performers.

The show features A3 veterans fresh from Scotland, Ian Anderson as Brutus and in a casting twist, Mickey Plummer-Brous as Cassius, the two lead conspirators. Morgan Jones plays Caesar and Robert Lopez is Mark Anthony. The rest of the cast is made up of 20 plus students from the A3 Theatre History class, taught by Boyd. Jonna Hayden and the two A3 costume production classes are handling the costume & properties.

For more information, please contact Michael Fisher at 541 915-9150 or

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