San Francisco crash continues to disrupt some Eugene flights

EUGENE, Ore. - Kasondra Campbell and her mom Karen are finally getting out of town and heading home to san diego.

"We've been at this airport for hours on end," she said, "and we're kind of over being here.

Kasondra and her mom have been at the Eugene Airport since Sunday morning.

They were supposed to have a layover in San Francisco, but because of the plane crash there on Saturday, they couldn't leave Eugene.

"We had to find a hotel and come back and now were finally confirmed for our flight," she said.

The delays worked in both directions.

Pamela and John Evanston finally arrived back home in Eugene after getting stuck in San Francisco.

"Lots of folks looking for hotel rooms, lots of tired people, lots of people trying to rebook their flights," Pamela said of the San Francisco airport.

The aftermath of a plane crash in San Francisco on Saturday continued to disrupt travel in and out of the Eugene Airport.

Over the weekend, at least 12 flights from Eugene to San Francisco got delayed or canceled, airport offcials said.

A mother and daughter trying to get home to San Diego finally got a flight after 24 hours in the airport.

Some flights were delayed again Monday, but a flight from San Francisco was expected to arrive on time.

Travelers are encouraged to check with their airline for the latest flight delays and cancelations.

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