Portland ground brings 'ring' dancing to Scandi Fest

This year the Scandinavian Festival welcomes back Leikarringen of Portland!

Leikarringen of Portland is proud to carry on the tradition of Scandinavian dancing via their multi-age performing group.

The word Leikarringen loosely translate to "ring" (or circle) dancers. We perform traditional dances from a variety of Scandinavian countries including Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and a few from neighboring countries as well. Their dance ensemble has three groups with varying age levels.

Children begin their dance experience at age 4 years.

The group is open to any interested no matter their dance experience! They are sponsored by the Daughters of Norway, Frida Hansen Lodge.

Performing twice only: Saturday at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

More Scandi Fest performance information

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