Officials say carnival safety is number one concern

EUGENE -- How do you know for sure that your carnival rides are safe? Officials insist that rides are thoroughly checked before you are strapped in.

Funtastic Traveling Shows provides carnival rides for the Lane County Fair. They will be bringing equipment north from Roseburg Sunday night and Monday as the Douglas County Fair wraps up.

Company officials say safety is their number one concern.

"Well, it's important to me because I don't sleep well when someone gets hurt," explains Funtastic owner Ron Burback. "That's why safety's so important to me, because I don't want anybody riding the rides and getting hurt. So that's what it's all about."

Burback says that the manufacturer of each ride provides a list of things to check every day before a ride can be put into service.

He also tells us that state officials and local law enforcement are also heavily involved in inspecting each ride before and during the fair.
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