KLCC and WOW Hall build new booth at Country Fair

KLCC and the WOW Hall have built a new booth at the Oregon Country Fair to replace the facility the two non-profits have shared since 1992.

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KLCC, the WOW Hall and Rainbow Valley Design & Construction collaborated on the project since last summer. The radio station will broadcast music from the fair Main Stage from the new booth #299 near the Main Stage Meadow.

Booth plans were prepared by Rainbow Valley, which also spearheaded the construction of the booth. Volunteers from KLCC, the WOW Hall and the Country Fair Construction Crew provided muscle and skills as well.

"Using a combination of rough wood and dimensional lumber, sourced from several places, assembled in a unique place and by a unique team of partially skilled, partially volunteer help makes my budgeting and scheduling a bit of a crystal ball exercise," said Steve Gab of Rainbow Valley, "but magic happens at the fair and, so far, that's true for this project too."

From the new booth, KLCC 89.7 FM will broadcast the music of the Main Stage all weekend long.

KLCC hosts will interview musicians, entertainers and Fair personnel, providing music, information and Fair tales to the listening audience throughout the weekend.

You can also listen to the live stream at

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