Fresh Tracks celebrates 20 years with party on Nov. 12

Press release courtesy KLCC

KLCC's Fresh Tracks is celebrating its 20th year on the air! Thousands of music lovers have tuned in to this KLCC original program every day to expand their musical horizons. On Nov. 12, KLCC will celebrate with a free party for listeners who have enjoyed and supported Fresh Tracks -- KLCC's daytime music show airing weekdays 9 am-3 pm -- for 20 years. Come join the fun, meet Fresh Tracks hosts Tom Krumm & Liz Wise, and enjoy some refreshments and music with fellow KLCC listeners.

Back in 1989, the KLCC staff sat around a table discussing the future of the daytime music program, then called "The Wireless." It seemed time to move away from the mostly jazz format and put forth a more eclectic, contemporary sound. The desire was to find a format that would appeal to the diverse and growing audience tuning in to KLCC for National Public Radio news.

Excitement grew for providing a synthesis of music heard nowhere else in the Eugene area, and essentially nowhere else in the country.

The staff knew it would be difficult describing this blend in the usual "radio format" terms, but the result would be worth it, exposing the KLCC audience to innovative artists and fresh musical styles. The model for this new program, "Fresh Tracks," began to take shape.

For the past twenty years, Fresh Tracks listeners have been treated to a weave of the best contemporary artists in world beat, reggae, folk, blues, rock, pop, and new singer songwriters -- a cornucopia of sound unlike any other. Fresh Tracks is one of the few radio shows still programmed live, with the songs chosen by the announcer. Over the years the format has remained fluid, continuously evolving with the changing face of contemporary music.

If you haven't yet sampled this fresh and innovative program, take the next step ... tune to Fresh Tracks any weekday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. It's a world of difference. Listen to KLCC Live Online

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