Food puzzles give your pet's mind and body a workout

Are your pets bored? Do they have lots of time on their hands with nothing to do?

No wonder so many dogs and cats are obese.

Dr. Marty Becker with believes food puzzles, often referred to as enrichment toys, can help.

"Each one is different," he said. "They have to be turned, dropped, twisted, manipulated in order for that kibble to pay out like a slot machine."

What they all have in common is that they require your pet to exercise his mind and body before being rewarded with a small bit of food.

"It's like Sudoku for a dog, or like solving the NY Times crossword puzzle," Dr. Becker said.

And yes, there are also food puzzles for cats.

One more benefit: food puzzles give your dog or cat something to do which can reduce the boredom that sometimes leads to destructive behavior.

Dr. Becker reminds us that not all pets are equally as proficient at food puzzles. You may have to help your dog or cat figure out where the food is hidden. But trust me, it won't take long before they get the hang of it.

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