Best of KLCC's Microbrew Fest

51 breweries participated in the Microbrew Fest over the weekend by offering brews to taste. Patrons purchased "taste tickets" for $1 each and I sampled 5 different brews. (The samples were small.)

Of those, my favorite was the Firthur Pale Ale from Wakonda, Florence, Oregon. The flavor is amazing because the brewers finish it with Douglas Fir pine needles. This brew got my "People's Choice" vote!

My second favorite beer was Maui Brewing's (Maui, HI) CoCoNut Porter. As you may know, porters are very dark beers but they are not "syrup-y" like a stout. The aftertaste of this beer was amazing and somewhat tropical.

I also really like Oregon Trail's "Wit." Oregon Trail brews in Corvallis, Oregon. This wheat beer was orange in color, brewed with orange peel and coriander, unfiltered. Tasty.

Did you go to the event? What was your favorite brew?

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