Charleston provides teen with ghost adventure

By Dakota LadenSpecial to

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- How does a 15-year-old kid from Minnesota find himself locked in a haunted Charleston jail for the night with the cast of Ghost Adventures?

Two months ago, I would not have been able to answer that question, but today, it all makes sense.

My passion is filmmaking... every aspect of it. From the rough storyboard to a finished piece, I just love the art of making movies. It is that passion that led me and a few of my closest friends, to creating and cultivating our popular YouTube channel: Shortfilmzz123.

We have been making and sharing our short films for about two years now, but just recently started doing spoofs. Ghost Adventures is one of our favorite television shows, and our extreme familiarity with the show, led to us wanting to spoof it.

Shortly after creating our second Ghost Adventures spoof , The Travel Channel, along with Ghost Adventures, ran a contest where participants were asked to make a 'music mashup' of an original Ghost Adventures song, using multiple clips provided by the network and original shots and/or clips.

Entering the contest was a no-brainer for me. I love Ghost Adventures and I love making videos. What a match made in heaven! I built a set in our garage, got some props, costumes and smoke bombs, and started filming. The entire process took me a couple of days.

When the contest was all said and done, there were over 5,000 videos submitted. There were a lot of great entries in the contest, and I never in a million years expected to win. I was just happy to have had the chance to participate in such a fun project.

You can only imagine my complete shock and excitement when I got the phone call that the Travel Channel had chosen my video as the winner, and that part of my prize would be accompanying the Ghost Adventures crew on an actual lockdown!

My mom, dad and I would soon be on our way to Charleston, South Carolina for an official lockdown.

That pretty much explains how I ended up spending the night in The Old Charleston Jail. What actually happened during my night there is a whole other story

First, I just have to say what a treat it was to meet the cast and crew of Ghost Adventures. They all made the experience so incredible and unforgettable. Zak, Nick and Aaron made me feel right at home during the lockdown, and even let me film one of the opening scenes for the episode. They really have a passion for what they do, and that passion flows through every part of the show.

I have to be honest, excitement wasn't the only emotion I was feeling that night. I was really nervous about the idea of doing a legitimate paranormal investigation in a genuinely haunted jail. (Up to this point, my only experience with this type of situation was doing Ghost Adventure parodies for my YouTube channel). There was nothing funny about what we were about to do in that jail.

Without giving away anything, I can tell you that we did have some paranormal experiences the night of our lockdown, and have the evidence to prove it. If ever there was a part of me that doubted the authenticity of what these guys do, that doubt is gone. This is the real deal.

On December 16th, the episode will air and you can see for yourselves what we found during our lockdown.

This entire experience is one that my family will never forget. From the moment our plane landed in Charleston, we knew that the trip would be something special. It is a beautiful city, filled with years and years of history, friendly people and lots of haunted sites.

It was a pleasure and a treat to work side-by-side with the Ghost Adventures crew, the Travel Channel and the folks from Charleston.

Our next Ghost Adventures spoof is scheduled to be released December 6th on our YouTube channel, Shortfilmzz123. However, as we film this episode, I bring a whole new perspective with me, since being part of the actual show.