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      Rainfall is on the way for the next few days as a storm moves through the Pacific Northwest. Showers will be most common on the coast and for northern locations. This weekend the weather improves with more sunshine and subtly warmer weather for the holiday.

      The Willamette Valley will see mostly cloudy skies to start our Thursday. These clouds will remain for the majority of the day keeping highs only in the lower 70s. Showers are possible as well, but mostly in the late afternoon and into the night. Friday morning faces some rain as well, though mostly in the morning. Highs to end the workweek are expected in the lower 70s. On Saturday, mostly sunny skies and mid 70 are on the way. Sunday’s forecast stays sunny as well.

      The Oregon Coast should see some clouds and rain for the next couple of days. Thursday will begin under some low clouds and fog. The early parts of Thursday are expected to be dry, but in the afternoon and evening rainfall does make an appearance. High temperatures should be in the mid 60s. Friday should be in the mid 60s with more clouds and early morning rain. By the later portions of our Friday, drier weather prevails. The holiday weekend’s temperatures are expected in the mid 60s with mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies overhead.

      The Umpqua Valley is facing mid 70s for our Thursday. Skies will be mostly sunny to partly cloudy to start the day. In the afternoon and evening, clouds will become more common with a few showers here and there. The few raindrops that do fall will be mostly seen more to the north. On Friday, it’s possible a few raindrops may fall in the early parts of the day. By Friday afternoon, dry weather returns. Highs should be in the mid 70s. This weekend, mid to upper 70s and some sunshine are around the area.

      Updated Wednesday evening by meteorologist Travis Knudsen on August 31, 2016.

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