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      More sunshine and warm weather is on the way for Oregon over the next day or two. A broad area of high pressure will sit overhead keeping conditions pleasant and dry. Low valleys and river bed bottoms are likely to contend with some fog in the morning, though it should clear out in the afternoon.

      The Willamette Valley will have fog linger into Tuesday longer than the rest of the state. Skies should start to see a bit of blue around 10 in the morning and by one or two in the afternoon, blue skies will prevail. High temperatures will be in the upper 50s Tuesday. Wednesday should be a repeat with temperatures hitting near 60 degrees. The weather pattern begins to change Friday and the weekend as a storm system from the Pacific pushes our high out of the way and returns clouds, rain and 50s to the area.

      It was a record breaking day in Coos Bay this Monday. The high officially was 82 beating out the record of 69 set in 1963. Tuesday will be warm again, though likely not as hot. Temperatures should end up in the lower 70s, which will set another record. Winds will be primarily from an easterly direction helping to warm temperatures. Blue skies will make up all of Tuesday. Temperatures begin cooling gradually Wednesday through Friday as the next storm begins to get closer to the state. Rain should hold off until Friday and as of now, Saturday will probably be wet.

      The Umpqua Valley, like the Willamette Valley, should expect fog in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon. Highs on Tuesday will be warm and above average, hitting around 60 degrees. The fog will persist throughout the morning clearing by the afternoon. Temperatures on Wednesday will also be in the lower 60 with more morning fog and afternoon sun. Dry weather will continue until we hit the weekend. The next storm will bring a chance for some rain on Saturday.

      Updated Monday evening by meteorologist Travis Knudsen on February 8, 2016.

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