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      Sunshine and dry weather has settled in over the Pacific Northwest. Skies will remain sunny for a while with temperatures warming up! Come Thursday and early Friday a few clouds may move overhead and drop temperatures a couple of degrees, but rain should remain to the north in Washington.

      The Willamette Valley will be seeing sunshine and highs in around 80 degrees as we get into Wednesday. Warm air from the southwest being blown into the state will keep skies blue and conditions dry. On Thursday, a weak weather disturbance passing through Washington will drop temperatures to the upper 70s and bring with it a few high clouds, though the region will remain dry. Friday and the weekend sunshine helps return temperatures to well above average once more with a lot of sunshine.

      The Oregon Coast is facing high temperature s in the mid to lower 70s for Wednesday. Winds will be light for the morning, but may pick up in the afternoon and the evening. Skies will remain clear even as we head into Thursday. Thursday's highs are expected in the upper 60s as an air mass a touch cool moves into the state from the northwest. Rain chances are non-existent on Thursday. Friday will have highs back around 70 degrees and this weekend should see temperatures in the mid 70s.

      The Umpqua Valley should be well above average as we enter Wednesday. Highs for the middle of the week may even hit or exceed 90 degrees. Skies should remain sunny all day long. On Thursday temperatures will cool a littleback to the mid 80s. Only a few high cirrus clouds will be seen, meaning the day should remain dry. Friday, Saturday as well as Sunday will have temperatures return to the mid and lower 90s. There will be hardly any clouds overhead as we wrap up the workweek and head into the weekend.

      Updated Tuesday evening by meteorologist Travis Knudsen on May 31, 2016.

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