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      Cooler weather is imminent across the state. A cold front should swing through the Pacific Northwest and drop temperatures as well as return showers and thunderstorms to the areas. Rain will be isolated with many areas seeing showers, but a few lucking out and remaining dry.

      The Willamette Valley should expect temperatures to drop from the lower 80s on Monday to the upper 60s on Tuesday. Rain will be seen Tuesday afternoon in the form of showers and thunderstorms. Lightning is possible as well, especially for locations to the east closer to the Cascades. Wednesday continues to trend downwards with high temperatures only in the lower 60s. More clouds and rain are expected Wednesday, but by Thursday conditions slowly improve. Friday and the weekend will return to sunshine and warmer temperatures.

      For the Oregon Coast, a couple blasts of rain are expected over the next few days. Showers will return to the region Monday night and Tuesday. Most of Tuesday will have dry weather, but in the afternoon and the evening rain will appear. Highs should only be in the upper 60s. Wednesday will be in the 50s with more clouds and rain. But like the rest of the state, starting on Friday and continuing into the weekend more sunshine and dry weather returns.

      The Umpqua Valley will be in the upper 60s on Tuesday, which is a drop from the 80s the area had Monday. Skies will be partly cloudy to mostly cloudy on Tuesday. Rain is expected as well in the form of afternoon showers and thunderstorms. Wednesday's highs will only mange to warm to the upper 50s with more clouds and rain. Thursday we transition back to drier weather and the sun arrives on Friday. This weekend is likely to have temperatures back in the lower 80s.

      Updated Monday evening by meteorologist Travis Knudsen on May 2, 2016.

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