Veteran's last request is to talk to you: 210-632-6778

Lee Hernandez has a dying wish. He wants to talk to you. Call him at 210-632-6778. (Courtesy Michelle Fawbush/Facebook)

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas (KABB/WOAI) - A dying Army veteran has one last request, and YOU can help.

All he wants to do is talk. The dying wish of Lee Hernandez, 47, was posted on a Facebook veterans forum.

“There is an Army veteran, Lee, who currently has hospice in his home ... Below is his number, if you want to take 5 minutes out of your day tomorrow and call him I know it will brighten his day ... Anyone who wants to call him feel free (210) 632-6778."

A friend of the family shared a picture of Hernandez on social media asking anyone who has five minutes to spare to use that time to brighten Hernandez's day with a text message. The Facebook post has inspired many to reach out to Hernandez and let him know that they are thinking about him.

Hernandez has lost his vision but his wife reads the text messages out loud to him.

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