SB 143 seeks to expand veteran resource centers

SALEM, Ore. - Senate Bill 143, which seeks to expand veterans resource centers throughout the state, heads to Oregon House for consideration after it passed the Senate 29-0.

If passed by the House and signed into law, SB 143 would call upon the Oregon Dept. of Veterans' Affairs Advisory Committee to report to the Legislature on if General Fund dollars should be invested in supporting veterans resource centers and coordinators. The bill also looks at whether to add more centers and coordinators to help military veterans transition back into civilian life.

“Many veterans have unique needs as they transition from the military back into civilian life, and as college students,” said Sen. Laurie Monnes Anderson (D-Gresham), who carried the bill and is herself a military veteran.

“Creating more of these centers will help them find community with other veterans who have a similar shared experience. This is a great support for them as they go from being armed forces personnel to civilian students. It will give them a better chance to succeed academically and land in the careers they desire to continue leading productive fulfilling live," said Sen. Anderson.

The first reading for SB 143 will be heard in the House, Wednesday, April 19.

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