Mt. Shasta veteran using fishing to help fellow vets in community

Lake Siskiyou, May 12th 2017, (KTVL/Megan Allison)

MT. SHASTA, Calif. -- Fishing is part of Bud Imlay's recovery, and he's been getting out on the water for the last two years.

He served for 18 years in the army, including two terms in Iraq. After retiring in 2015 as a First Class Sergeant, Imlay participated in Combat Marine Outdoors to start healing his post traumatic stress disorder.

"It got me away from my problems for a little while. It's always been something in the back of my mind that I wanted to do once I got out one day," Imlay said.

The veteran posted on Facebook last week saying he wanted to take other vets out on his fishing boat. Since then, he's visited Lake Siskiyou almost every day.

"Just give them hope too. When I see them come off the water and the smile on their face I'll realize, I had a positive impact on someone's life today. And so it's kind of a two way street. I'm helping them and they're helping me," Imlay said.

Sam Blanton is a retired Vietnam veteran. He said before meeting Imlay, he had never shared his war-time experiences.

"At all in extense until I met Bill on the water last week or last Wednesday. And actually I've talked about it more since I've known him and it's kind of coming back," Blanton said.

Imlay said his boat comfortably fits three. Now that he's retired he'll take veterans fishing any day he's available.

"It's exciting to develop more friends in the community. Now I have more people I can help when needed or call on when I might need help so it's great," Imlay said.

The veteran said if you're interested just search "Bud Imlay" on Facebook, then add him as a friend and send a message.

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