World War II planes touchdown at the McCormick Air Center

World War II planes touchdown at the McCormick Air Center.

YAKIMA, Wash. - The McCormick air center has added four world war two planes to their runways.

These planes are part of the Wings of Freedom Tour and anyone can buy a ticket to fly in one of these historic aircraft.

The B-24 Liberator and the B-17 Flying Fortress were once the most fearsome bombing duo during World War II.

Now thanks to the Colling Foundation, they are historic monuments for people to stroll through at the McCormick Air Center.

It also gives people like Mickey Stray a chance to go back in time and fly planes he dreamed of flying when he was in the Air Force.

"I’m luckier than I deserve. 92 and I’m luckier than I deserve," he said.

Stray graduated as an air force flight officer in October of 1945. While, he was never saw combat, he knows how important these planes were to ending the second World War.

"It'll never be repeated. These planes here are one of hundreds of thousands that were built," Stray said.

From the outside, they look massive on the outside but once you go inside you realize there wasn’t much space for the crew. Plus, you also had to take into consideration you were going to be shot at most the time.

Nick Shields said these planes also help younger generations get a chance to physically see where some of their grandparents or great grandparents war stories took place.

"It's pretty amazing. My whole childhood was based upon these planes here," he said.

While the aircraft are only here for a limited time, the non-profit organization continues to keep history alive by allowing people to directly participate with it.

For ticket information you can head over The Colling Foundation website.

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