We Want Bama: 'Our eyes are on the National Championship'

Three University of Oregon students created shirts capturing the desire of Oregon football fans to see the Ducks meet Albama on the gridiron. (SBG)

EUGENE, Ore. - What started out as wishful thinking for 3 University of Oregon students has turned into a business.

"After we beat Tennessee by a convincing margin, people really had it in their minds that we wanna play Alabama and I just thought it'd be a good idea to get these shirts on campus: We Want Bama," said Grant Otter.

Otter and two of his friends started selling green and yellow t-shirts with the slogan on it - and more and more people have been wanting them.

"This is the first time we've ever done anything like this," said John Liekhus. "We ordered I think at first it was 250 shirts and we got rid of them within a week and it's been a great success."

The students have been getting some national attention from their shirts - epecially from Alabama fans.

"You better watch what you wish for is what everyone's saying," Liekhus said.

Alabama is ranked No. 1 in the first BCS rankings. Oregon has been ranked No. 2 in the AP Polls but came in No. 3 in the first BCS rankings, just a whisper behind Florida State.

Oregon faces No. 15 UCLA this weekend. The outcome of that game could influence the rankings.

So while Oregon looks to Win the Day, the We Want The Tide crew stay focused on 'Bama.

"If we could we'd made a shirt for every single week saying we want so and so team," Otter said, "but our eyes are on the National Championship."