Snow attack victim on suspension: 'The punishment is a little severe'

EUGENE, Ore. - What started with the University of Oregon football team challenging the student body to a snowball fight Friday spiraled out of control into a snowball attack on bystanders not involved in the snowball fight.

"It was scary because it was very much like a mob mentality," said Krysten Mayfair, one of the motorists whose car was pelted with snowballs Friday.

The incident was caught on camera.

Oregon tight end Pharaoh Brown has been suspended from the team for the Alamo Bowl.

"I was one of the many UO students involved in the snowball fight on Friday and my actions escalated to an inappropriate level and for that, I sincerely apologize," Brown said in a statement. "We never should have engaged innocent people and I deeply regret my actions and will accept the consequences."

And more students at the University of Oregon could be facing consequences as the dean of student reviews their conduct.

"We have identified some of the people involved and we are going to move forward in our conduct process," said Dean of Students Paul Shang.

Mayfair declined to comment on camera regarding Brown's suspension.

"Yesterday Coach Helfrich called me and apologized for the player's actions. That was more than I could have ever expected," she told KVAL News. "The punishment is a little severe given there was no property damage or injury."

Students had mixed opinions on the matter.

"I just think that's a little harsh, especially for a bowl game," Hannah Skren said.

"It's probably a good thing," Anna Bezner said. "That's not acceptable, no matter who you are."

The 8-inch snowfall Friday is unusual for Eugene. Shang said students got excited - and then got carried away.

"They just got out and frolicked in it. That part of it was really enjoyable and fun," he said.

He said there was more than one snowball fight on campus. The one on University Street is the only one that got out of hand.

The UO Police Department is still investigating.

"It's my understanding that both drivers are not going to press charges," said spokesman Kelly McIver.

The students involved could still be charged with disorderly conduct, depending on the outcome of the investigation.