Oregon Acro and Tumbling team wins 26th consecutive meet

EUGENE, Ore. -- The University of Oregon Acrobatics & Tumbling Team won their 26th consecutive victory in a Tri-Meet against Hawaii Pacific and Alderson Broaddus in Matthew Knight Arena Sunday afternoon, the last home meet of the Oregon Acro Team this season.

The Oregon team led from the beginning and increased their lead as the meet progressed. The score at half was Oregon 97.10, Hawaii Pacific 93.40, and Alderson Broaddus 89.69.

The final score was Oregon 286.10, Hawaii Pacific 280.66; and Alderson Broaddus 267.64. The Oregon score was the highest of the season.

The Oregon Acro Team will next travel to West Virginia to take on Fairmont State on Monday, March 24th.

Oregon led in each of the events at Sunday's meet; final scores are listed below:


Oregon 38.25
Hawaii Pacific 37.05
Alderson Broaddus 34.35


Oregon 29.00
Hawaii Pacific 27.50
Alderson Broaddus 26.29


Oregon 29.85
Hawaii Pacific 28.85
Alderson Broaddus 28.95


Oregon 29.35
Hawaii Pacific 28.70
Alderson Broaddus 28.10


Oregon 58.10
Hawaii Pacific 54.02
Alderson Broaddus 52.50


Oregon 101.60
Hawaii Pacific 94.54
Alderson Broaddus 87.99