How loud is Autzen Stadium? It can damage your hearing

EUGENE, Ore. - How loud is Autzen Stadium?

"You can't even hear yourself think, it's crazy," said Cory Wegner.

"It like ... shakes," added Austin Dayton

Duck fans are known to get loud during home football games.

"The energy level at Autzen is unlike any other football stadium I've been to," said Sophie Boerman. "I love it."

"It's one of the loudest stadiums I've heard," said Grant Andersen. "Everyone gets pumped up for the game and it's a good time."

"I really think our fans are just more passionate than everybody else," said Craig Pintens, senior associated athletic director at the University of Oregon. "For whatever reason, fans in the state of Oregon - I don't know if it's a bigger lung capacity or what it might be ,but they definitely yell here."

And all that yelling adds to the experience.

"It makes it cooler, it's part of the experience," Wegner said. "You have to ruin your ears to go to the game."

He might not be exaggerating.

Dr. Donna Hill warns fans that the damage caused by the screaming and cheering is serious.

Anything over 90 decibels can harm your ears.

Autzen Stadium has reached close to 130 decibels, one of the loudest stadium in all of sports.

"You may lose half of those hair cells picking up certain sounds and might not be aware of it and all of a sudden have hearing problems," said Hill with Audiology Professionals.

Dr. Peter Succo at Eugene Hearing and Speech Center suggested a few precautions.

"There's earmuffs, which you see quite a few children and babies wearing that are there in the crowd," Succo said. "You can get custom earplugs, which are more comfortable and durable, and then there's disposable foam earplugs."

Succo said protective ear gear allows you to enjoy the game while lowering the risk of damaging your hearing.