Bruins defeat Ducks in final series game, 6-1

EUGENE, Ore. -- The University of Oregon Ducks fell short of a three-game sweep against the number one ranked UCLA Bruins. The Ducks lost the third game of the series 6-1 on Sunday.

"They came out with more purpose and took the opportunity there, but we didn't. We gave away too many free passes," said Head Coach Mike White. "I'm hoping that we learn something from this weekend and we improve on it going forward.

The Bruins had six hits and six runs in the game, which put them ahead of the Ducks' five hits with only one run. UCLA Bruins pitcher Ally Carda and catcher Brittany Moeai each had two hits and one RBI for the game. The Ducks had two errors, while the Bruins had none.

Coach White pitched Cheridan Hawkins for most of the third game; Hawkins had six strikeouts. White also pitched Jasmine Smithson-Willett and Karissa Hovinga in the third game.

Although the Ducks were not able to clinch the sweep against the Bruins, they still won the series overall, winning the first game 9-7 and the second 12-4. First baseman and star hitter Kailee Cuico had a strong performance at the plate that contributed to the Ducks overall victory.

"It definitely showed what we can do, and that's a good thing," said Cuico. " We just now have to recognize that and run with that."

"I think we've showed some good potential," said Cuico. "Hopefully not the best yet, because we want to peak that a little later, but hopefully just a little bit better and better every week."

The Ducks will travel to Corvallis to play the Oregon State Beavers next weekend starting Saturday at 2pm. After facing two of the toughest teams in the Pac 12, Coach White remains focused and optimistic looking forward.

"I think that the separation between the number one team and the number twenty team is not that much anymore," said White. "Anybody could beat anybody in that top twenty."