Beaver fans ready to crank it like a chainsaw

CORVALLIS, Ore. - Oregon State University cheerleaders want Beaver football fans to "crank it like a chainsaw" this Saturday.

The chainsaw dance accompanies a song by the band Family Force 5. Oregon State is encouraging fans to "lumberjack up" between the third and fourth quarters at home games at Reser Stadium.

"It definitely portrays the spirit aspect," said Beaver fan Krista Young.

The video went up on YouTube on Tuesday. By Thursday, it had already been viewed more than 300,000 times. By noon Friday, the video had been viewed 650,000 times.

Will fans "bust out your chainsaw" and join in full-throttle?

"I think they will, because we have crazy football fans," said Hannah Keim, "so I think that they'll get into it."

"I think it's easy," Jessica Perry said. "People will totally do it."

Even some reluctant fans are ready to crank it like a chainsaw.

"I'm not going to start it," Kire Jacobson said, "but I'll definitely join in."

At least one t-shirt maker, McKenzie SewOn of Springfield, had already snagged the chainsaw theme for a new shirt.

OSU Cheerleaders present "Chainsaw"