Special Olympians, high school basketball managers suit up and steal the show

A high school basketball game pulled on some heart strings Thursday night.

Two team managers, who are also special olympians, suited up and stole the show. Zack and Joe were given a chance to play in the game between Capital High School and Nampa High School, and both players had a couple of steals, but that was it until the last 10 seconds.

The two teams coordinated, deciding to pause the game and let Zack and Joe back in the game.

That's when Joe sank the basketball in the hoop past the 3-point arc.

"I immediately ran over to him and picked him up," said Harrison Ashby, the senior forward."Student section came and rushed everywhere. It was awesome."

Zack and Joe are more than managers, they're part of Capitol's team.

"It was electric," said Scott More, Capitol High basketball coach. "You hope for these moments. You see things on Hollywood where they're scripted. You've seen other situations where the crowd feels good and you hope for these moments for these guys who work so hard during the year. And you just hope for positive moments. And then to see it actually take place right in front of you, I was stunned."

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