'I wanted to jump out of my shoes, I had tears running down my face'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - A Kuna football player who broke his neck during a game last week has made a significant step toward recovery.

Kuna coach Lee Leslie says that a rehabilitation technician came to Boone Bartlome's hospital room Thursday afternoon for physical therapy.

Leslie says the technician placed a table with a towel on it next to Boone's bed, then placed Boone's hand on top of the towel.

Boone was able to move the towel across the table with each arm, Leslie says.

"I wanted to jump out of my shoes," said Leslie. "I mean I had tears running down my face so I walked over to the side where he wouldn't see me."

Leslie said Boone's hand wasn't able to grasp the towel, but it was still a huge step forward in his recovery, especially considering the injury occurred just last week.

Coincidentally, Boise State head coach Chris Petersen was visiting Boone at the same time. Boone is a huge Broncos fan, and Leslie said it meant a lot to him.

"He was trying to act pretty cool when he saw him walk in, but I know he was excited," said Leslie. "I know that when Pete walked in that he worked even harder and that was cool."

According to Leslie, Boone still has a lot of swelling on his spine where the break happened. They still have to wait at least a few weeks when the swelling goes down to get a better outlook on his recovery.